With this blog I hope to not only help people pass certification exams, but to make better engineers.

I am a CCNA, CCNP, and have passed the CCIE Routing and Switching written, and made 2 attempts at the Lab. I am currently working on the CCNP Voice.

I will be posting on topics that I am learning, tips and tricks, and requests, where possible.

I will edit existing posts when I feel it is appropriate, to keep them up to date, improve clarity, correct errors, add links, etc. Due to the nature of traffic to this blog, mainly organic search, I feel it is better to have a clear post than to cloud it noting edits, so I do not do so unless I feel that something warrants it.

Please let me know if there are any topics you would like to see covered. I can be reached at routeswitchblog <at> gmail.com.

Many of the product links are associated with affiliate programs. I do my best to to ensure that I post recommendations based on merit, not any payment I may get.

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi. Ive done one of your tests recently and im pretty sure ive answered right a question about subnetting and the solution said it was wrong.

    Ive looked at it for a while and im 100% sure there has to be any error with your test.

    I have the screenshot, but i can explain it.

    Is it not the base subnet address of /25 ???
    And is it not the base subnet address of /26 ???

    Im not CCNP, but if your tests have these kind of fails how can i rely on them?

    I almost feel like a retard because i see it very obvious and if im wrong im not gonna feel good.

    I think you should put an explanation on the “Sort Elements” kind of questions.

    • Interesting. Both of your answers are correct, but they match what I have set as the correct answers. Can you shoot the screenshot over to routeswitchblog at gmail dot com?

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