Blocking Calls at the Gateway by Caller ID

Sometimes administrators have to block calls harassing, scam, or other undesirable calls. In newer versions of CUCM, this can be done in CUCM, or it can be done on an h.323 or SIP gateway. Which should you use? There are … Continue reading

Reading Data From XML Documents in UCCX

Have you ever wanted to do any of the following from a Contact Center application? Read a schedule from a local document, rather than having to use script editor to edit schedules Be able to load a schedule from a web … Continue reading

Time of Day Routing in CUCM

Time of Day routing allows for calls to be treated differently based on the time of day and day of week. This allows for things like automatically rerouting calls to a different destination when the company is closed, not allowing … Continue reading

UCCX Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) Part 3

In previous posts, we have looked at setting up the queues, skills, and agents for an ACD (Automatic Call Distribution) call center. In this post, we will take a look at setting up a very basic queuing script from a … Continue reading

Addressing Challenges Specific to Multi-Site Deployments

Deploying Unified Communications Manager to geographically diverse sites adds a number of challenges not experienced in single-site deployments. The primary new challenges are: Bandwidth usage and call quality over WAN links Availability during WAN outages Call routing to the PSTN, … Continue reading

Configuring Local Route Groups

Local Route Groups were introduced in CUCM 7 as a cleaner way to configure PSTN routing for multiple sites. Prior to Local Route Groups, the only way to route calls out a local gateway was to configure a partition for … Continue reading